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Hi. This is attorney David Butterini.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you a few important facts about bankruptcy.

First, if you are facing financial problems, you are not alone.  Every year thousands of Western New Yorkers file bankruptcy, and they do so for good reason.  Bankruptcy allows you to cancel much or all of your debts and do so almost immediately, while at the same time making sure you keep your home, car and other property.

Again, let me note, if we file a bankruptcy case for you, you will not lose your home or motor vehicle, I will make sure of that.

Bankruptcy is by far the best way to deal with bills and debts you cannot pay. 

That is why I advise:  IF YOU HAVE PAYMENTS DUE ON SUCH THINGS AS CREDIT CARDS OR PERSONAL LOANS, WHICH YOU CANNOT PAY, DO NOT MAKE ANY FURTHER PAYMENTS ON THEM UNTIL YOU MEET WITH ME.  Bankruptcy can eliminate those debts.  For now, only make payment on the essentials:  mortgage or rent, motor vehicle loans, food and utilities.

Not only can bankruptcy cancel much or all of your debt, it will also put a stop to such things as harassing phone calls from creditors, garnishment of your wages, foreclosure on your home and repossession of your car and other property.

Bankruptcy is also immensely more effective and far less costly then the debt consolidation and debt reduction programs that are heavily advertised on radio and television.  Why?  Number one:  IT IS GUARANTEED BY LAW.  THE OTHER PROGRAMS HAVE NO GUARANTEES.  Secondly, you will not spend thousands of dollars on just fees, and you will not spend additional thousands of dollars on repayment plans that take 3--5 years to complete (if you are lucky) and may never end (see my section on Debt Managment Program in this website).

You do not need a lot of debt to file a bankruptcy.  Often people file because one creditor is demanding payment or threatening legal action.  BANKRUPTCY WILL PUT A STOP TO THIS!

I also have information about obtaining credit if you file bankruptcy.  BANKRUPTCY can be the start of new credit life!

I know it can be a difficult decision for anyone to file bankruptcy... but in every case I have been involved in, I believe it was THE SMART DECISION!  As tens of thousands of Western New Yorkers already know, bankruptcy is a new beginning, one free from the stress and worry over debts you cannot pay.

Call me today at (716) 877-4490 for an appointment and I will personally meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your situation and answer any questions you have. My offices are conveniently located in Erie and Niagara County.

Let's work together.... for a brighter tomorrow.  My office number again is (716) 877-4490.